24 to 39 years old, or as they say, the millennials. I saw an article today titled ‘Why are millennials so anxious and unhappy?’ and, yes you guessed it right, I read it, just the title I mean.

Will you please stop ruining our climate, to keep the Earth still habitable when the future ‘future’ generations come to live on it? Oh sorry, I digressed from the topic, just wanted to rant this line to someone.

I will not talk about depression, or anxiety, or stupefaction in general. This would rather be a story, a fictional one, of anyone who feels entitled to it. A young woman, beautiful and quite, sits besides a young man in a party. Somewhere, a group of self-opinionated individuals, who may not even be present at the party at all, go all in- hey, this girl is asking for it. Maybe she’s, but who asked you, Mr. Opinion?

Why are you so quite, have you gone through a breakup recently? No? In his mind he goes, ‘what the fu**, I was just texting my girlfriend goodnight’. Or, even better, ‘because I really don’t want to speak with you’. Sigh!

She’s strolling on the footpath, completely immersed in listening to her favorite songs. Someone from across the street shouts out loud, ‘aren’t you getting late my friend?’ No, I’m not, she replied, it’s a Sunday afternoon, my friend.

Oh, you play the guitar to impress girls. Keep trying, man! No, I don’t, he replied. Can I not play the guitar for the love of music that I have?

They sat there quietly, not talking but just sitting, immersed in their own selves. I think, it’s there favorite music playing in the background. But no, that group thinks they’re not on talking terms anymore. Oh I see, people can’t be just quite when around each other, unless they had an argument.

Any many such fictional snippets. You don’t think it’s a story? ‘Why always rhyme when you can write a poem without any scheme’, I reply.

But, where’s the conclusion? Why find one? Just read, and you’ll know who you are.




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Naman Upadhyay

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